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Welcome to restaurant "Makon" which means place. People go to the place like  restaurant for several reasons. Firstly - it is an opportunity to enjoy the meal, secondly, to learn the previously unexplored taste of the new dishes, and thirdly - to discover the diverse culture. All factors above makes "Makon"restaurant is the best Uzbek restaurant in Chicagoland. To visit it is like going on a short trip to the Central Asia. Authentic interior of the place, unforgettable cuisine, politeness and tactfulness of staff will help you feel like a very special guest at the festival of taste. 

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 Although "Makon" restaurant relates to Uzbek and Central Asian traditions, it is quite multicultural. This restaurant offers variety soups, noodles, hot snacks, dishes, kebabs and it is not a complete list of possibilities of the  "Makon" restaurant. It is going to be a House of unbeliavble taste, unforgettable place of joy and happiness. Welcome to "Makon" restaurant!

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